Waterproof Bags/Mats
Printing on Tarp

We use a rotogravure printing process to print designs on our tarp bags, with capabilities to print from one color to full color images.
Example. 600mm x 900mm Waterproof Bag

The design is printed on tarp rolling off a central cylinder. 920mm tarp is used for a 900mm product so the tarp can be slit 10mm on each end to assemble the bag.

Printing on Tarp.png

The printed tarp is put through an automatic cutting machine to cut each segment to the proper length.
* The cut line can shift 3mm in either direction.


To avoid issues with your design, make sure your entire design fits within the design margins (5mm on either side of the cut line) or prints as a continuous design.

Submitting Design Data

■Make sure your design data is the correct size for the final product.
 If your design data must be enlarged before printing the design may come out rough or pixelated, affecting the quality of the final product.
■We recommend using our Illustrator templates. Contact us with any questions.
■Include 10mm on each end of the 900mm width design for the crop margins.
■All text must be transformed into outlines.
■Submit a final PDF design along with your design data.

Other Important Details

■Image quality may be affected in the following situations:
 Extremely thin text or small patterns.
 Small or thin inverse printing text (empty space used for text), especially when overlapping.
 Printing large areas of ink, especially when overlapping.
 * Spotting or uneven printing may occur over large areas. We may request you add an extra spot color for printing those portions.
■Gold, silver, and neon colors do not print well on tarp.
■We cannot calibrate our rotogravure for special orders.
■We can do simple cover prints using a Roland UV Inkjet printer for an additional charge. Colors may vary because they are not made using the same printing method.
■When printing a design in full color please send us a printed sample for color matching purposes.
 We will do our best to color match your printed sample, but there might be slight variations in the final result.
■For spot color printing please provide a PANTONE color code or CMYK values.