Full Color Printing
Full Color Printing

Full Color Printing lets you print your designs without worrying a color count.
Your design is printed as is, so it takes away the trouble of splitting up color layers for screen printing.
Full Color Printing results in a different finish and color profile than screen printing.
Please make sure we are able to do Full Color Printing on your desired fabric and design before making your order.

Full Color Transfer Printing

A printing method that uses a thermal press to transfer a pre-printed full color design onto the fabric. Available for cotton, non-woven, and polyester products.

Transfer colorful designs clearly onto any color fabric.

-The design is transferred onto the fabric using a special thermal transfer sheet, resulting in a different texture than the rest of the bag.
-There is a size limit on full color transfer printing, but the design may be placed anywhere on the fabric.
-Can be used on all colors of fabric.
-Printing margins differ for full color printing, so please contact us about your design.
-Up to 2mm of clear transfer sheet will remain around your design.
-Colors may differ from your design on screen and the final printed product.

Full Color Dye Sublimation Printing

A printing method using special heat reactive dyes to create a transfer sheet that is then applied to the fabric through high pressure and high temperatures. Available for non-woven polypropylene and polyester bags.

Transfer full color photos directly onto the fabric!

-The ink sinks into and dyes the fabric, allowing the use of full color designs while still maintaining the original texture of the fabric.
-Can only be used on white fabrics. (The dyes color the fabric itself.)

Rotogravure Printing with Laminate Coating

A printing method laminating over a polypropylene film printed through our rotogravure. Available for non-woven polypropylene and tarp bags.

The laminate coating gives the fabric a waterproof finish and makes the bag sturdier.

-Laminated fabric on the outer side of the bag will have a stiffer texture. The interior will maintain the original texture of the fabric.
-Laminate is available in a glossy and a luster finish.
-Can only be used on white fabrics. (The colors are overlaid on the fabric.)

Fashion Printed Bags

A wider variety of print and color designs than our regular screen printing process, including using multiple fabrics in one product.

-Printing methods differ depending on the fabric. Full Color Printing: EVA, PE. Screen Printing: PVC.
-PE is a thin, clear plastic. PVC is thicker than PE. EVA is a semi-opaque plastic.